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Moving away in August – Making this summer memorable


I’m moving to West Virginia in August for school and I’ve decided that I am gonna make this the best summer ever. Not just for myself though but for my family, boyfriend and nephews. I want to do atleast one activity a day, even if it’s just hanging around doing nothing. I’ve been trying to take pictures everyday but I think people are getting tired of that already. So far, Ive had a water balloon fight with my nephews, took a walk with my boyfriend & made wind chimes out of sticks and seashells. The kids didn’t have any interest in that so it was just me and my boyfriend. I’ve been making some crafts on my own also.


My coming of age story


I wrote this for the Girl Survival kit but decided the post was to long, so I should just link it if anyone wants to read it.

I started growing pubic hair in the 5th grade and when I first seen it, I was so afraid. I had never seen another woman naked before and my mother never gave me the talk about it, so I thought something was really wrong with me. A few months later, the school had sex education so I learned what was “wrong” with me then.  I learned what puberty and about periods and they gave us tampons and panty liners to bring home with us. I left mine in my locker at school because I knew my mother would be mad with me for having those things. I have no idea why she was like that but she was. About a year later, in the 6th grade, I stayed home from school because I was having terrible cramps; I didn’t know what that was then so I just told my mom that my stomach really hurt. Later in the day, I had started my period. I kind of knew what a period was but really had no idea. When I saw the blood in my panties, I panicked and thought I somehow pooped my pants and something was wrong with me.(Again) I changed panties and threw away the dirty ones because I didn’t want to get into trouble. My mom found them and asked me if I was bleeding, I told her yes and she told me to use pads until I stopped. She never said anything else about it or explained that it was normal. My mom was a single mom to four children, myself and 3 boys. She never had the sex talk, explained puberty or anything else to us. She made me feel very ashamed of what I was going through and my changing body. She would even make comments on my body. I became so insecure I wore bras that was way too tight in hopes of making my breast smaller, already an A cup, but I didn’t want them to grow anymore; I wanted to stay one of the boys. I realize now that there was something wrong with my mother and that she should of never of made me ashamed of myself.


Please have a talk with your child and to make it easier for you and her both, make her a Survival Kit. You can put whatever you want into yours but I will also add what I would of loved to had and I will also include some print outs to add to the bag to make for easier discussion.


Click to go to the Girl Survival Kit to becoming a young woman.