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A guide to making a Butterfly Essentials Box


Your little angel is starting to blossom into a young woman now. We all remember that awkward, embarrassing phase of life. You want to help your little girl transition as easily as possible but it’s also awkward for us to have the “You’re going thru changes” talk. I’ve created a simple guide to help you and your loved one make this easier. I’ve created a guide for you to give your growing young woman an emergency survival bag to put in her locker in case her period starts there, this will be a guide to help her ease into the other wonderful changes she is going through. It is highly recommended you include the Emergency Bag with this box, but that is up to you.

Puberty Survival Bag

Teen Age Girl Emergency Bag – Click the picture to learn how to make the Emergency School Bag

As young teen/tween girls blossom into butterflies, they need all the guidance they can get from us. We want to be the one who explains what’s happening to their body, why it’s happening and we really don’t want them learning from movies, music or kids at school. I’ve already went over what you should give your child for her Menstrual Cycle Bag, so I won’t go over that too much. In this article, I will explain how to talk to them about their changing bodies, things they may need now that they didn’t before and how to bring up sex while discussing her changing body. I know 4th/5th/6th grade seems so early to talk about these things with out children, but if we don’t, SOMEONE else will. By having this awkward discussion now, you will be opened doors than just ignoring the facts and hoping she’s still your angel she always was.


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– 1. First off, we need to find a cute storage container to put all our goodies in. I love this one, it’s so bright and cheerful and should lighten the mood some. Also, having something cute to put her butterfly transformation in, will make her less ashamed of it when friends come over.

– 2 First Bra, buying the first bra is a right of passage for the mother. The 1st bra should be bought during the early stages of the breast bud development. I recommend a sports bra as a first bra. It should fit snuggly around her rib cage. As your daughter grows, she will need to move on to a bra with more support. If she is not comfortable going to a store to shop for a bra, use this to find her size so she can pick a couple out online. She should have at least 3 starter bras so they can be washed regularly. It is very important to find one that fits as her breasts are tender. I personally believe the bra is one of the more important items in the butterfly box.

– 3 We want to add some reading material in her butterfly box, this helps her talk to you more openly about what she is reading and not fully understanding. By including some books, it should help make you feel more at ease with the explaining of blossoming young woman part. A book I have found really helpful with many parent is The Care and Keeping of You: The Body Book for Girls. I’ll be adding a few more books to our butterfly box also. This book doesn’t discuss sexuality and I highly recommend adding a book about it.

– 4 Here is a book that will open the door for you and your child to talk about sex. You should tell her that she should wait for the right person, but if for some reason she won’t, to come talk to you about it. Talk to her about safety. Tell her she can get STD’s if she doesn’t use a condemn. Let her know Oral sex is also sex. I will write another article on the sex talk alone, so you can wait to go into details when I give you an outline.

– 5 A nice smelling deodorant, more than likely, she has become insecure about smelling bad. This is the most popular, effective scent. Smelling good will give her confidence. The next few items will be nice smelly scents. This is a difficult time in her life and little things like this will make her feel good.

– 6 A nice citrus body splash to put on after a shower would go nicely with the other scents. This will add to the confidence she needs.

– 7 A Cute Journal, Every teenage girl needs to a way to express her feelings. This adorable journal will fit right into the theme of our butterfly box.

You don’t have to tackle all this at one time. Give her the box, talk for a few minutes & leave her alone with the box to explore it. In a few days, come back to her, discuss a little more, ask her if she had any questions about anything in her butterfly box.