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Easter Egg Wreaths ***Craft & DIY***


Lately I have been making Easter Egg Wreaths. I got the idea when I was shopping at Walmart and saw a cheap Styrofoam Egg Wreath for .97 cents. So I bought some supplies and made mine. They are easy to make and cheap also. I’ve made 3 for under six dollars. I still have plenty of supplies left to make more. I had a few accidents with the glue gun but I think it was worth it. Let me know what you think!!!

My Glue Gun Accident

My Glue Gun Accident

Supplies you will need:

1. A vine wreath or you could make one out of card board             ($1.00 at Dollar Tree)

2. Plastic Easter Eggs                                                                                         (.50 a bag at Walmart, had 18 eggs in it)

Choose whatever theme you want, you could get sport eggs and make a sport wreath!!

I wanted to do a pastel and polka dot theme but they were sold out of polka dot eggs!

3. A hot Glue Gun & Glue Sticks                                                                   ($6.97 at Walmart and the sticks are $4)

4. Easter grass                                                                                                      ($1.97 at Walmart or $1.00 at Walmart)

5. Small Glitter Eggs                                                                                           ($1.00 at Dollar Tree for 12 eggs)

These are not necessary, but I think it makes it look cuter. You could do something different to add that extra bit of pizzazz! If you’re making it for someone else, you could incorporate their favorite things.

6. Some kind of string if you want to hang it up, although string isn’t necessary.



1. Take the eggs and lay them out. Choose a pattern.

2. Start gluing the eggs on the wreath. Hold it in place until you think it’s stuck on there pretty good. Once you glue the first egg,put glue on the side where the next egg will be and on the vine wreath, so that the plastic eggs will be stuck on there good. Be sure to alternate the direction of the eggs.

Easter Egg Wreath

Easter Egg Wreath

3. Now take you grass and glue it wherever you can see the wreath. Take some scissors and trim the grass down so it will look neat.

4. For the second layer of eggs, glue the eggs at an angle and pointing on the inside of the wreath.

5. Add some more grass wherever you think it would look nice. I added mine to the part of the crack where the eggs touched. Before gluing, place the grass on it and see if you like it. Trim again

6. This part is optional, take your glittery egg or other decoration and glue it to the spots that you like. I cut the ribbon on my glittery eggs and pushed the string thru one of the holes in the egg, I added to glitter egg decorations to it.

Easte Egg Wreath

Wreath I made for my mother in law, was the 1st one I made

The last one I made for my grandma's grave

The last one I made for my grandma's grave


Welcome HippoHoney

Welcome HippoHoney

Welcome to my little part of the internet. I hope I can make this interesting enough for you to come back again. My name is Nichole. I am 24 years old and I live in North Carolina. I have a boyfriend of eight years & I have 3 younger brothers. One who passed away when he was 17. I like doing arts & crafts, cooking, gardening, reading and a lot of other boring stuff.

Make up, hair extensions, photoshop

^^ This is me

I love makeup for some reason. I didn’t get into it until I was about 22 years old. I’ve always used eyeliner but just started with everything else. I love bright and unusual eyeshadows. Most people wear browns & other neutral colors for their everyday look, but most of the time I wear purple & blue. My 2 favorites at the moment are from covergirl singles collection.

Easter Egg Wreath

Easter Egg Wreath - Half Way Done

For the better half of the past year I’ve been enjoying arts and crafts. I tried to start crocheting but I failed miserably at it. My latest project is this Easter egg wreath. So far I’ve made 2 & currently working on a 3rd for my Grandma and brother’s grave. I love the way these turn out. They are simple but so cute. They are very easy to make but very time consuming.

       My home life has been very chaotic lately. I adopted two adorable chihuahuas in February. Smokey, boy, is 6 years old and Peanut, girl, is 5 years old. They are the best thing that has happened to me lately. February 21, 2012 marks 5 years since my brother, Eric, died at 17 years old. My grandmother, who I loved more than anything else in the world passed on March 10, 2012 unexpectedly. She was always there for me and I regret not being there for her like I should of been when she needed me. My brother Brandon and I have gotten to the point that we can’t stand each other. To get “even” with me, he stopped paying on the $300 that I borrowed him. I hope the contract I made holds up in court and he has to pay. He has always been spoiled and obnoxious, but I’ve always went out of my way to help him. I don’t plan to anymore.

      Lastly, I’m gonna talk about health issues, just throw anything that could be considered health into this last paragraph. I haven’t stuck to my New Year’s resolution with my weight loss. I haven’t gained but I haven’t lost either. I’ve had the eczema on my fingers and toes under control lately. My fingers still as that rough skin from scratching for years but I’m trying something new that is suppose to repair it. Hopefully it works. I have the biopsy for my cervix on April 10, 2012. I’m really nervous. I’ve been putting this off for almost 6 months. I know it’s better to do it as soon as possible, but I couldn’t. I’ve been really scared and on 2 occasions I had my period so the doctor cancelled the appointment. I’ll be so glad when I find out the results.

      Well, this it it for now. I hope you come back again. I plan on doing a few different things with this website. I want to talk about my life to get feedback, show off arts & crafts and tell how I did them. I plan t review different products, mainly makeup. With the makeup, I will add swatches so that you can see for yourself. I have a lot of ideas for the site but mainly I just wanted a place to express myself and work on my writing.